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Thursday, 04 October 2012 18:02

Low operating and low investment costs

PMP Group solutions ensure low operating costs. For the last couple of years, PMP has been working extremely hard in order to offer low cost solutions while maintaining high quality of equipment, as well as of final product. Years of experience in the business are the guarantee of customers’ risk reduction. Experienced staff and modern tools help to find and provide efficient design with optimum material usage. 

Modern technology & knowledge

Constant development is the PMP’s motto. The company works closely with industry experts, like associations and universities and listens carefully to the users of PMP equipment. Day by day, smaller and bigger improvements are implemented to build a knowledge base. PMP hires skilled specialists with long experience. New employees follow the knowledge program that creates opportunities (PMP University). Within the last 5 years PMP has invested 12 million US dollars in technology development (that includes training courses).

Expected quality

All actions follow the company’s Quality System, which is based on ISO philosophy. All PMP Group facilities have applied permanent quality control of all project stages (internal & external). The goal is to achieve repeatable parameters of the final product (tissue or paper).

Center of excellence for IT900 EcoEc and reels

Emerging markets are very important for PMP Group. It is the result of carefully executed strategy that was launched 8 years ago when PMP entered the Chinese market. Through the years the company, except for gaining the acceptance on the market, established in 2008 a fully operational facility that is PMP IB. The division carries out manufacturing process of EcoEc tissue machines. Currently, the company executed 16 medium and capital projects in China (for both corporate and individual customers).

Professionalism and flexibility

Nowadays everybody expects fast reaction on needs. PMP is a flexible partner that provides German, English, Chinese, and Russian speaking project managers (on duty 24/7) to improve the quality of communication processes. 

Efficient communication

In case of capital projects, communication is the highest importance. That is why we always communicate in the customers' native language. When a foreign specialist supports the process, professional translation is provided. Project manager is on duty during the entire project. He/She is obliged to inform the customer about the progress (both daily and by sending monthly progress reports). 


PMP – passion comes first – our motto describes perfectly the atmosphere and attitude of PMP Group towards its customers. PMP team is focused on each project no matter the size. Concentrating on milestones and paying attention to details (user-friendliness, good impression of equipment, etc.) builds successful projects. Our work etiquette has been already appreciated by many customers, many of whom have come back to PMP with repeated orders. It is worth emphasizing our returning customers, such as GCPU, YFY, APP, or the leading corporation from the USA.

PMP Group – your partner for the future

Partnership with PMP Group is an opportunity to lower capital investment cost and operating cost of installation. PMP brand describes high quality and the safety of machine operators and production process. Geographical location of PMP Group allows our team to respond quickly to any needs. If you are looking for a reliable partner that can help you develop your business, contact us now!

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