Quality Management System implemented in PMP Group is based on PN-EN ISO 9001:2010 philosophy and is actually a self-designed system called System by the name Quality System PMP 2010. The main idea was to take the best elements of ISO systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001) adapt then to specific and current needs and requirements of the company.

PMP Group, Quality Policy is as follows:

  • manufacturing services and products, which come up or exceed our Customers' expectations
  • a partnership cooperation with Customers and Suppliers to continuously improve the results of common actions
  • continuous renewing and maintaining in shape PMP facilities and resources to guarantee quality assurance and meeting the deadlines
  • maintaining qualified and dedicated work teams, through assuring them continuous development, promote teamwork and full employees engagement in the company actions
  • implementing modern solutions in ongoing work
  • continuous internal and external audits both preventives and correcting.

Quality Control:

  • internal PMP 2010 Quality Control based on ISO 9001 (in house and subcontracted work)
  • precise process definition and milestones - total quality concept
  • main responsibility of the Quality personnel
  • 3 scenarios of judgment - (green - approved, to be checked, yellow - again/repaired , red - rejected)
  • all stages registered in ERP System

Scope of measurements performed by using laser equipment include complete geodetic measurements related to machinery adjustment and equipment, in particular:

  • Squareness and parallelism measurements of machine elements
  • Flatness measurement of large-size elements
  • Straightness-linear measurements of large elements
  • Control measurements of geometric position machines (optical alignment)
  • Systems alignment of Cardan drives
  • An evaluation of the condition of the bearings with conclusions based on vibration analysis

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