Intelli-Technology® Platform

PMP Group in the paper business offers complete paper machines for special papers and packaging described by Intelli-Technology® platform. The platform is designed to produce high quality paper at optimum level of energy and water consumption. PMP solutions are kept in the user-friendly manner in order to minimize maintenance time. All products characterize high European technology and quality standards.

Moreover, PMP Group specializes also in rebuilds and upgrades of existing technological lines providing variety of products, starting from Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox, dewatering unit – Intelli-Top® former, shoe press – Intelli-Nip®, Intelli-Sizer™ metering size press (known also as a film press), Intelli-MicroCrepe™ extensible unit, and Intelli-Reel®.

Following market requirements, PMP Group conducts also complex added-value projects that covers relocation of existing second-hand machines, applying all necessary refurbishment services and combining new units from Intelli-Technology® Platform to create and upgrade line in a new place.

PMP Group provides variety of engineering, technological and mechanical services. Replacement parts are also available for paper mills.

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