PMP Group as the process integrator provides variety of technological & mechanical Services Constantly Supporting Customers from the paper and build-to-print business. Engineering team equipped with modern software, tools & start-up experience collected all over the world, is the core of PMP. PMP engineers are present during all project stages starting from application up to guarantee period. Learn more »

Nowadays it is recommended to keep the defined deadlines and squeeze the investment cost. That is why, we offer the services of our Erection Group. They know how to optimize the process applying dowelled structures and executing pre-erection at PMP facilities to double-check the equipment & shorten erection at site by up to 30%. Our erection team supports relocation projects understanding fully the paper industry environment with its special requirement. Learn more »

Paper machines consist of many types of rolls that require periodical surveys & repairs. Keeping those elements in good condition guarantee PM lifetime extension. Our well-equipped Roll Service workshop provides both full service as well as individual repairs. Learn more »

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of small repairs of existing equipment in the paper mill like pumps, blowers or corroded constructions. We understand that through applying small jobs we build trust & reliability. Learn more »

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