Refurbishment Services

PMP provides professional repair and maintenance services executed by qualified team, in many branches, such as:

  • pulp factories
  • paper mills
  • refineries
  • sugar factories
  • plastic factories
  • mining industries

Refurbishment services in paper mills include:

1. Refurbishment of pulp and paper equipment:

  • Rolls refurbishment
  • Repair and refurbishment of the woodyard equipment as well as the pulp plant equipment
  • Repair and overhaul of the stock preparation equipment
  • Plant equipment, control valves and compressors 
  • Repair of gear transmission 
  • Inspections and repair of pumps and blowers, like: barrel pumps, chemical pumps, straightway pumps, plunger pumps, special application pumps, vacuum pumps, gear pumps, screw pumps, blast machines, conveyors

2. Refurbishment and servicing of paper machines:

  • Repair of Apron Tables, replacement of Apron Lip and Slice Lip
  • Bearing housing replacement
  • Yankee cylinders regrinding
  • Repair and regeneration of the different type of conveyors
  • Static & dynamic balancing of equipment (including rolls balancing)

3. Audits and inspections including:

  • Dryer replacement, erection of doctor backs, inspection of the journals and shafts
  • Steamheads and steamfits periodical inspection, survey and parts or subassembly replacement
  • Winders inspection, alignment and adjustment 
  • Reels inspection, overhaul and reconstruction
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