Roll Service

To meet customer's requirements, PMP Group provides complete services for various types of rolls with max dia up to
2 000mm and max shell length 10 000mm.

Depending on delivered roll's condition there are two scenarios of action: elements replacement into new or its regeneration. It is possible to rebuild also rolls to change the parameters or their function.

During the services, the internal assembly of all components is conducted and also proper working and adjustment ranges. Each time after assembly, roll is balanced in accordance with its design criteria and its operating parameters.

Typical suction roll inspection is focused on checking and judging the condition of the following elements: 

  • rolls cover and shell condition
  • press/fits tolerance
  • bearings
  • journals
  • suction box
  • internal equipment
  • binding elements
  • showers condition
  • seals longitudinal and transverse
  • control elements

For other rolls types scope of action includes the following:

  • rolls cover and shell condition verification
  • press/fits tolerance checking
  • bearings condition checking
  • journals checking


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