Intelli Hood™

Well-designed hood and S&C systems together with their proper integration with other energy components of the tissue machine, contribute to the total energy balance represented by electrical power, the steam/gas or water consumption. Intelli-Hood™ ensures high evaporation rates and guarantees uniform drying performance optimizing the hood parameter design as the configuration and structure of the air blowing nozzles, gap between the Yankee and the hood reduced to a minimum being the blow box built in non temperature deformable.


    • High efficiency
      • Minimum pressure losses as engineering of hood and Air Duct
      • Special hood insulation
    • High performance
      • Correct sizing of Blowing
      • Temperature & Speed
    • Energy recovery
      • Yankee heads Insulation
      • Recovery of exhaust air to pre-heat make up & combustion air & produce steam at high or low pressure
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