Intelli-Reel® & Tail Threading


PMP Intelli-Reel® is an integral part of PMP Intelli–Tissue® Making Systems. The operation of reel has a considerable impact on tissue quality as well as continuous TM operation. It is designed to wind-up various types of tissue. Our reels operate with high efficiency reaching optimal parameters of parent rolls. As a final result, a prefect parent roll may be obtained, ready to go further for converting operations.

Advantages of PMP Intelli-Reel®:

  • Reel spool’s nip relieving in primary arms - no paper damages from early beginning of paper wounding excellent paper turn-up
  • Controlled loading in secondary arms - perfect jumbo roll structure, equal in every diameter of roll
  • Bump less transfer - no double nip during reel spool transfer from primary to secondary arms, perfect roll structure
  • Uniform paper wounding - eliminate problems on combining winder
  • Easy reel operating - fully automatic operation
  • Reel drum with vacuum sheave - perfect tail transfer around the reel drum and excellent protection against sucking in paper strips 
  • Fully automated bubble type turn-up system - easy spool change with automatic glue assist 
  • Spool loader with spool storage - ease and fast reel spool loading
  • Grooved type reel drum - good air removing from under the paper 
  • Breaking system - safe stopping wound jumbo roll
  • Good and safe access to winding roll - easy manual quality check
  • Foil type sheet stabilizers - good tissue paper leading
  • Tube type tail threading - fast and efficient with threading time less than 30 sec.
  • Spool starter - easy and reliable turn-up
  • Good and safe access into area between Yankee and reel - easy cleaning of this area
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