Phoenix Concept™ Rebuilds – New Value for Existing Machinery

Phoenix concept definition

Phoenix Concept™ BASIC Rebuilds - the idea is to change old, inefficient sections of PM/TM and apply brand-new technological items to reach higher capacity or better quality of the final product. In some cases, elimination of vibration is required. In most cases however, this type of rebuild covers: understanding goals of the rebuild, precise calculation, on site measurement, scheduling, design of the new equipment and manufacturing of new core technological units, pre-assembly at PMP facility, all necessary tests, transportation to the mill site, adjustment, optical alignment and erection at site, engineering commissioning, technological start-up and post start-up assist. Phoenix Concept™ BASIC Rebuild is based on standard products from PMP Intelli-Technology® - platform concept for papermakers or Intelli-Tissue® - platform concept for tissue makers.

Phoenix Concept™ ADVANCED Rebuilds – the main idea is to combine key, new technological items like a hydraulic headbox, a new wire, a press section or a reel and refurbished parts from the existing machinery. The project might be based on relocated technological line or might be a blend of two existing lines and new technological units. The main target is to significantly lower investment costs (by even 50%) compared to getting additional capacity from the new line. Typically, this type of rebuild covers elements presented in the Phoenix Concept™ BASIC Rebuilds however is also extended with the following items: existing PM/TM relocation (if applicable), concept design of the new line, refurbishment services of equipment and combining the new machinery and refurbished parts. Wider scope requires more effort within process integration (technology-logistic-on time delivery).

Phoenix Concept™ PREMIUM Rebuilds – these tailored made rebuilds are chosen especially by corporate customers. It is actually the highest level of technological rebuilds executed by PMP. It may cover all elements presented above in Phoenix Concept™ BASIC and ADVANCED Rebuilds however it includes one more item: incorporating products exclusively designed for a customer or developed with a customer. Projects are highly confidential as it is always a chance to discover a revolutionary concept which may help to build a competitive advantage. The engineering phase in Phoenix Concept™ PREMIUM Rebuilds is much more demanding and time consuming. Sometimes several concepts are discussed in order to find this unique one, during project reviews. Phoenix Concept™ PREMIUM Rebuilds are sophisticated projects which require conscious approach and competence, to choose the best option for the future.


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