Energy Saving Solutions

Reduce a total energy cost by 5 to 20%,

Following ambitious business development, PMP Group (in spring 2015) established a new entity: PMPower S.r.l., Italy - responsible for energy solutions for both tissue and paper mills. Widening a product portfolio, is a natural progression of PMP’s development and is beneficial both for customers (more solutions available, opportunities for technological development & optimization) and for PMP (increased competitiveness).

The objective of PMPower S.r.l is to develop and manufacture all drying projects as a part of new paper & tissue machines and rebuilds of existing lines to create an added value, improve results in terms of production capacity, energy consumption optimization and lowering of manufacturing costs. Our experts have spent their careers working on development & implementation of varius energy system worldwide.

Added Value for You:
  • Opportunity to reduce a total energy cost by 5 to 20%,
  • Improvement of steam, fuel, electricity & cooling water management process,
  • Improvement in production effectiveness due to increasing of drying capacity,
  • Attractive ROI when investing in modern technological solutions (average payback time under 1 year),
  • Improvement of working environment,
  • Operator friendly solutions.


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