High Thermal Efficiency And Energy Savings

Well-designed hood and S&C systems

together with their proper integration with other energy components of the tissue machine, contribute to the total energy balance represented by electrical power and steam/gas consumption. Intelli-Hood® ensures high evaporation rates and guarantees uniform drying performance.
Design of our Intelli-Hood® is based on modern technical solutions for uniform air distribution and maximum efficiency.
We are using "Green technology" to minimize emission and improve quality of exhaust in the atmosphere in terms of temperature and humidity. Special solutions implemnted in our Hoods for internal and external insulation allows to save energy and thus reduce environment impact.
Our hoods are therefore unique in the market providing state-of-the-art technology, giving the lowest energy consumption and the highest thermal efficiency, ensuring stable results over time.

  • A blend of smart energy saving solutions
  • Modern technical solutions such as special shaped blow box for uniform air distribution 
  • Reduction of environmental impact 
  • High efficiency
  • High performance
  • Energy recovery
 Technical Data:
Paper width Up to 5.8 m / up to 230 inch or even more
Design speed 900 – 2100 mpm / 2950 – 6890 fpm
Basis weight 10.5 – 35.5 / 7-24 lbs / 3000 ft2
Type Air blowing system gas or diesel oil fired, or steam heated
Hood system Mono / duo / cascade / parallel
Temperatures From 180 C to 650 C / from 356 F to 1200 F


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