Intelli-Jet V® Hydraulic Headbox

An Iconic Solution For Your Ultimate Success

We believe that the heart of a paper machine is the Headbox.

It should be efficient and reliable to provide the best performance in every situation, including the most critical and demanding. An impressive basis weight profile, superior sheet formation and great fiber orientation are results that are achieved with outstanding Intelli-Jet V® Headbox performance. At PMP, we design each Headbox with precision, applying state-of-the-art technologies. That is why we achieve premium, uniform paper qualities on paper machines throughout the world.
Each day our team is focused on every single detail to make sure our Headboxes are designed and built as a precious and durable tool that ensures the best possible performance and production flexibility on Tissue Machine, no matter how big and how fast it is. Experience collected on 6 continents over the years, in all possible applications, fuels us to create the best technology. PMP's Intelli-Jet V® Headbox – an iconic solution for your ultimate success.



  • Single or multiplayer design
  • Applicable for crescent formers, inclined wires, fourdrinier, C-wraps, S-wraps, Twin Wire Formers etc.
  • Divider sheets improve significantly paper formation
  • Laser welding tube bank for maximum weld purity
  • Solid stainless steel construction from certified materials
  • Jet nozzle area – impressive roughness results with superflat technology
  • Parabolic header to assure equal tubebank flow
 Technical Data for Tissue application:
Pondside Properly designed to achieve the best formation and basis weight profile on entire width of produced tissue web
Design speed Up to 2100 mpm / 6900 fpm
Basis weight 10 - 42 gsm / 2-8 lbs / 3000ft2
Type Hydraulic
No. of channels 2-9
No. of layers Single or multilayer


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