Key to Parent Roll Structure

The Reel primary benefit is to provide efficient, high speed, continuous paper winding. 

Our Intelli-Reel® has been design using the latest technology to provide a precisely repeatable, efficient and safe winding process . Intelli-Reel® is characterized by simple and open structure enabling easy control of a reeling process it operates with the highest efficiency reaching optimum parameters of a final product. At the end, a perfect parent roll is obtained, ready to go further for converting operations.

  • Simple and Durable Design for efficient operation
  • Automatic reel operation process
    Reliable sheet run and sheet spreading – easily adjustable sheet stabilizers and foils
  • Efficient tail threading system
  • Fully controlled jumbo roll structure due to full control of parent roll loading through entire winding proccess
  • Secondary arm center wind assist
  • Empty spools storage and automatic spool loader
  • Reel section combined with shaft puller with automatic return of spool into operation
  • Rubber covered or pneumatic expanded reel spool application

 Main features:

Paper width up to 5.8 m / up to 230 in or even more
Design speed 900 – 2100 mpm / 2950 – 4600 fpm
Type Hydraulic operated or pneumatic operated


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