PMP Press Release

16 Apr 2015

Following ambitious business development ideas, PMP Group has...

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3 Feb 2015

In January 2015, PMP Group – a global provider of tissue,...

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29 Jan 2015

In January, Hebei Xuesong Paper Co., Ltd has signed a contract...

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22 Dec 2014

After a year of intense promotion PMP Group has entered the...

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28 Oct 2014

At the end of October this year, Sun Paper has successfully...

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18 Sep 2014

At the end of April 2013, Yuen Foong Yu (one of Asia’s...

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17 Jul 2014

In April 2013, after announcing a massive expansion plan which...

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10 Jun 2014

In January 2014, PMP Group – a global provider of paper...

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13 May 2014

PMP Group – a global provider of paper, board and tissue...

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14 Apr 2014

In September 2013, PMP Group has launched a new campaign called...

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