PMP delivered the first steel Yankee dryer to Poland for FP Kaczory, Poland!

It is a great pleasure to announce that PM#2 with new equipment is up & running

In November, 2018, PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) signed a contract for a modernization of a tissue machine that includes a delivery of a new Intelli-YD® steel Yankee dryer to FP Kaczory paper mill located in Poland. It is a great pleasure to announce that PM#2 with new equipment is up & running. The start-up took place in 4th quarter of 2019.

Thanks to an optimized design, PMP Yankee dryer achieves up to 15% higher drying efficiency compared to previous technologies. Intelli-YD® allows to save energy and money and ensures high durability. PMP has 18 working references of steel Yankee dryers all over the world and the project for FP Kaczory is the first reference in Poland.

PM#2 produces tissue with a maximum operating speed of 1500 mpm and paper trim 3150 mm. This steel Yankee dryer diameter is 4500 mm, shell length is 3550 mm and maximum operating pressure of Intelli-YD® reaches 9,5 bar. PMP scope of supply included also spare parts, erection and start-up supervision services.


Dynamically developing company that has been operating since 1992, specialized in waste paper processing and toilet paper production in a production plant in Kaczory and pulp products in a second production plant in Margonin, the company offer a wide range of products. FP Kaczory owns two production plants in Poland.


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