Stages of recruitment

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Stages of recruitment

Recruitment processes carried out by us are aimed to get to know the candidate and his abilities as well as possible. Most of our recruitments consists of 4 stages allowing mutual understanding and proper verification of the submitted applications.

Stage 1
Analysis of the submitted application documents.
Stage 2
Telephone conversation with the candidate.
Stage 3
Meeting at our company headquarters or at one of our companies (depending on the place of application).
Stage 4
After a positive assessment of abilities – employment proposal..

What will interest us during the recruitment interview?

PMP is a company focused on completing objectives and that is why we are not asking what you have been doing but what you have achieved on your previous job positions. Be prepared for a question regarding your greatest successes and how you pursued them. We will also ask you about what you would like to achieve and how you would like to work in PMP.
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